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Housing Wiring

NANOCAB Cables introduces our new range of exclusive Domestic Household Wires (Multistrand Cables) for residential purposes. Our Domestic Cabling and House Wiring products are assured and far exceed the ISI certifications. Our wires are verified at every phase of the manufacturing procedure by skilled engineers.

All these House Insulated Wire are available with fire resistant properties and are made with specially formulated insulation along with high oxygen and temperature index. Available in various ranges as in 1 square mm, 1.5 square mm, 2.5 square mm, 4 square mm, 6 square mm and 10 square mm etc.

House wire is available in red, black, white, blue, yellow and green.

Nominal cross sectional area of Conductor ( Dia. of wire (mm)Nominal Thickness of Insulation (mm)Overall Diameter (Approx.) (mm)Current carrying capacity #2 cables, single phase In conduit (Amps.)Current carrying capacity #2 cables, single phase Unenclosed Max.Resistance of Conductor per Km @ 20 C (Ohms.)clipped directly to a surface or on cable tray (Amps.)Max.Resistance of Conductor per Km @ 20 C (Ohms.)

Note :

House Wires are available in attractive gift box of 90 meter.

180 and 270 meter Jumbo pack is available on customer demand with special project packing.

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